Popsy Collective specialises in developing and executing strategic unique atmospheres by transforming the guest’s experience into an interactive, whimsical and adventurous atmosphere. With our various entities and expert team, we create an experience based on your marketing approach to ensure that you reach your end goal, whether it be to maximize exposure, increase sales, or launch a new brand. Each experience is tailor-made and specific to your needs.

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The Popsy Room is Asia's only galleristic dining experience bringing you a different exhibition every three months. Art appreciation is combined with French fine dining to create an unforgettable symphony between your palate and the artistic palette on the walls.

Popsy Modern Kitchen presents art meets all-day dining experiences through its whimsical approach to modern European cuisine, in a curated space filled with playful art.

Popsy Galeries represents award-winning, internationally renowned and regionally-based artists, and works closely with surrounding galleries in Hong Kong to ensure both an immersive and comprehensive art experience.